My wife of 6 years recently brought up tha fact that she has had feelings that she may not be in love with me anymore. She said she loves me vey much however. Ever since our 4 year old daughter was born her sex drive has gone down, not until this year did I mention to her that fact. She says she feels not ambitions for sex. This new years we had a terrible argument over the fact that she has been under a lot of stress with the bills and her work and looking after me and the little one. I understand a little more now since our talk. However one day before new years she uncharacteristically went out on a wed. said she would come back in a minute, ever since I have been suspicious. We have always trusted each other and never asked any questions. But this time since what she told me I looked into our cell call log and noticed a ohone number she called that particular night. I asked her about it and she said it was a friend but wouldn't tell me who. I immediately thought it might be her ex- whom I do not like and she knows it. I was going crazy so again I foolishly logged on to her email address at a her job and found some email that bothered me, nothing convinsing of her unfaithfulness however they confirmed that she had not only been talking but meeting with him time to time. When I approached her with a copy of the email she still denied ever meeting with him. I had one foot out the dooe tha night but she hel me back I was crying like a baby, she wooried about how I got that email more so than what it said , I told her someone gave it to me. It wasn't until next day she told me she had been seeing him just to talk. I don't know aanymore if I can trust her? Should I ? Is she teeling the truth? I am so confused I love her very much, I am tape recording her conversations in her car just to hear something but nothing is there, am I paranoid? Since the new year I am working with her talking and wanting to get close to her but she doesn't want to get intimate whatsoever, one time 2 weeks ago we went out she got drunk and it was the best time we had in a while, she was all over me and I miss that. Please advise