Hello again I'm currently separated with my wife married for 8 years and one day see says sheloves me but she's not in love with me and says she is 80% sure see will stay with me and the kids sake but all she says is I need space and I'm going to counciling .she will not and now says she will never get back with me than a week or two she tells me intell I know 100% sure what I want I can not be with anyone the counciler said to do no contact give her space I try and she calls me about are kids and want to fight all the time I do not want to fight I want tosave my marrige and I need more ideas or maybe new steps or just give up and hope that she will come back I do not want to play games and the counciler that I went to is not returning my calls sound like a flake want wife back and family the thing I did can all be corrected in time my wife is very stuborn ,what are those thing ,job,money,intamacy,sex,clean house and never went on date in over 7 yrs I always wanted to she did not very deppreesed I want to show her a great life any ideas to reconnect with wife thank you Rc