I have been having increasing problems with my husband. This last time he had no consideration that an uncle of mine was in his death bed. He always starts accusing me of things when I am with my family. Only when I'm with them. I went with my mother to the hospital to see her dying brother. I left my youngest daughter with her gramdmother. My husband accused me of not wanting to take my daughter so I can take my sister and her daughter.

Mind you my husband hates my sister. Well the day after he goes with me to visit my uncle. After leaving the hospital he proceeds to tell me why I lie. He says he talked to my older girls and that they confirmed what he suspected. Which was not true. He makes up things to try to get something out of me. This is not the first time he does that.

He is getting too manipulative and I think I should go now before he gets more controlling. There are a lot more things, but this was it. I don't know what to do. I am tired of all this. HELP!