I met my husband when I was 33 and he was 19, I of course was his first, but didn't think much of it at the time, I was divorced and had a son, which he accepted, no problems. For the first, I'd say 9 or 10 months we had regular sex, and he was fairly verbal. Then of course we got pregnant by accident, and he really loved his own son however, still favored my son who was 5 by this time. We had occasional sex, which I always started, but it was increasingly harder and harder for him to maintain any erection, I told him he needed to see a Doctor, and he admently refused, so no sex... ever! Then I was nearing the 40 mark and really wanted another child,of course still hardly ever having sex. He always said he was too tired and pretty much always slept on the couch in the living room, saying he kept falling asleep, for whatever reason, it was always some kind of excuse. I think I should also mention he hates oral sex giving or receiving... which I thought was always very strange!

Anyway to make a long story just a little shorter, after about 5 years with absolutely NO SEX, and him constantly sleeping on the couch, I moved out, He never even tried to get me back,we have now been separated for 7 years. My older son stayed living with him the entire time. He's in his 20's now and according to my son who has a girlfriend and my husband has this absolute hatred for her, he has NEVER gone out with anyone let alone had sex with anyone. He does however, hang out all the time with his guy friends, most of whom are married, or goes to the poker hall.

We just, in the last year became friends again, and he would come over like every night, and of course I thought we might get back together and be a family again but of course no sex, nothing, no sleeping over, no kissing, I mean that's just too weird, I'm not ugly or fat??
Also, for about the last 3 months he has lost a lot of weight, like 60 lbs, shaved his mustache off that he had his entire life, and now has been dressing nice and combing his hair, and told his mother he's been "talking" with this girl, but come to find out she only talked to him for about a week if that? My son had moved out about that time, like 3 months ago, but come to find out, one day my son went back to the apartment a few weeks ago to get some stuff he left and told me he had been acting pretty weird over the last few months and my son found a half empty bottle of Cialis, KY Jelly and pictures of some guy he hired (he owns his own company) a few months ago in his drawer in the back under his clothes?? He always states he HATES "homo boys" and anything even remotely gay. So am I overreacting? Could he be really gay?

So should I give up on the "trying" to get back together? Is this "normal behavior" or is he a closet gay??

Please help!!