Hello All,

I just found this group this eveing I have an issue where I can use a little advise if any one can help.

Ok here goes.

A little about me My name is steve I and am 25 years old. My Parents are both loving and caring I come from a 3 person family meaning I am a only child My girlfirend/Fiancé have been together this year on and off again she comes from a devorice of little over a year now and has 2 girls. She is my HS sweetheart and back then we were together for 3 years. Its been 6 years since we splt and now this year we have been together and broken up due to mis issues mostly caused by Her deviorce and feelings that go with the devorce I have always thought over the years that she is the one for me. Now here is the question.

How do I tell my parents and how do I deal with the fall out that will come my parents you see don't excatly feel that she is good for me. I love her deeply with all my heart. I accept her and her girls as my own. Can any one give me some advice...

Thanks in advance