This last weekend I felt that my husband was abit cold towards me... Anyway, so I have asked him if he is OK and he said yes he is fine (I somehow don't really believe him) we have a lot of financial strain and bills to pay right now.

Yesterday I was invited out for a girls bottle party with my mum.. I went and while there I messaged him asking him if he loves me.. I was abit typsy and felt like being silly..

He ignored my message!

As I got home.. he was on the PC and I asked him if he got my message and he just shrugged his shoulders and carried on watching TV... So I made myself a cup of tea and pottered around the kitchen purposly to see if he at least would ask me if I had a nice time. BUt nothing! This morning he got up for work and left without saying bye or anything!

Is this normal?? Should I be worried?
Im quite upset :(