So here it goes!

I am married with a wonderful person for almost 2 years, problem, I still love my ex.

To begin with I used to be with the other person for 7 years through a long distance relationship, and a very strange on indeed. After some major propblem I have decided to put everything to the past. I went back to my country of origin (where both people are) and I met my wife. She cam to the US and then a year after we got married. I really loved the other person and it was the first time I felt something like this for anyone, but it was going nowhere. We were trying to be with each other and it did not worked out.

Just before my marriage and being sure I have forgot the other person, I decided to give her a call, I haven't seen her for very long, and there was the disaster, I was shacking when I saw her and there was chemistry there. We did not had sex or any of that cause I did not want to cheat to my wife.

I saw here 3 times before the wedding and she was telling me why you are doing this since you are not ready. I deceided to tell everyone that I am not ready and all hell broke, therefore I did not want to make a quick move and we got married.

Wen we came back, my wife asked me if I saw her ( she knew I did) and I admitted it (hell #2)

Now it has being a year and I cannot get the other person from my heart and at the same time I don't want to hurt my wife, but she feels it. I don't know what to do and it's driving me crazy.

I am an asswhole!