Hello Everybody,
My one friend told me this site is great for advice... So here I am.
I am a 26 year old male who as been dating this girl for 3 years.
The first 6 months were great. We never argued or anything.
Then she start going out with her friends on a more regular basis. I didn't care about that as long as she let me know where she was going and as long as she gave me a phone call to let me know she got home all right. She tends to drink a lot to hide her problems and it worries me. I found out she lied numerous times to me about what time she got home and why she was so late. Being able to not trust her made me show less emotions to her. I specifically told her I need her to be honest with me. We had a huge argument and we took a break. In 3 weeks she slept with 4 guys and lied about it to my face. We ended up getting back together a few weeks later. It's now a year after that and she's bringing up marriage and me committing to her. I told her I'm not ready to committ to her this soon after what she did last year. I'm confused on what to do. I know I don't ever want to marry her. And I don't think I would be truly happy with her. I can't stand her family. She's not reasonable. I'm just confused why I don't want to let her go. I mean I guess I should break it off right? I just need some advice
Thanks Everyone.