Ive been married just about a year now. My life from the outside seems perfect. I have a wonderful husband who says he loves me, a beautiful house,dogs,car,money,careers,and soon to have a new baby in our lives. My problem is my husband won't make love to me. When we were dating we were like rabbits, all the time it was great but after marriage? After marriage everything started to really slow down especially now that I'm pregnant. He is happy and thinks everything is fine, especially now that we are going to start our new family. I have spoken and questioned our lack of intamicy but his answer to that is he does not think we have a problem. OK but one time in about a 3 to 4 week period is just not healthy for a new marriage. Oh and by the way I'm always the one to initiate the intimacy. I ask him if its me and he says no. We have had many discussions abouth this topic but his respose is always the same. Im 100 percent sure he is not cheeting. We do everything together and he is always letting me know where he is at, even though he rarely goes out. Its so early in our marriage to have this problem I'm scarred what will happen in the future. What should I do now?