Please I need a reply for my problem , but plzzzzzzzz don't type an answer that is talking about ethics, morality & consequences of infedility.. I just need to know does he really love me & how to win him back.. We were work colleagues since 2002 I was single & he was married couple of months when we firstly met , we started as friends & were flirthing together , we had great chimestry.. then I got engaged to another work colleague.. he was upset but he didn't say it out loud he just began to avoid talking with me or making eye contact.. he took 20 days off from work & went on a trip to US & when he came back it seemed that we both couldn't hold our feelings as we missed each other so we kissed passionately in the work place!. I responded to his kiss for a while but then pushed him & said it was wrong we shouldn't as I am engaged & he's married... I don't know how it was happenening but since then we were kissing & hugging in workplace as we weren't able to c each other ouside work... I married in dec2003 when I came back from honey moon he was giving me the cold shoulder again & refusing to chat with me as we used since we are best friends.. then I went to him & told him why is he treatingme like this we are friend, he told me you are married & I am trying to resist you then we looked 2 each other passionately & it started allover again.. the kissing & hugging.. he asked me once are you happier when you are with me or yr husband?? - note we only were kissing & hugging - I told him I am happier with u, I asked him the same & he answered I am happier with u & I feel it's affecting my relation with my wife --- note that he doesn't love his wife & his family pushed him to marry her because she is sooooo rich , her father is a multi multi multi millionnaire -- lately in the mid of 2004 he left the work.. he told me you are the reason because I can't resist u & I don't want to cheat because it is not allowed by our religion the next week until he left he kept on kissing & hugging me so passionately as he never did, I felt it though he never told me I felt the love... when he left I got dpressed & my hormones go upside down causing me health problems, he stopped calling he only did once on my birthday & other toask meif every thingis all right with my husband& when we met he gave me the cold shoulder... I got pregnant in the beginning of 2006 then I know he was going toa place we wentthere once when he left the work & that he is hanging their gadually with someof our mutual friends.. so I started going there with my gfs when I was pregnant, he seemed happy to c me... when I gavebirth I disappeared for a total 4 months where I made a whole makeover with my hair I lost all birth weight, then I went there to our place , he was sitting alone this day.. when he saw me he was shocked , he kept on looking at me then he said do you know what I miss so much ? It's yr kiss.. I told him I miss him too.. I went to his private office & guess what we only kissed & he pushed me because he said he don't want to cheat.. I went to give him his birthday present 3 moths later & we kissed again & he pushed my clothes then he stopped saying we shouldn't do this & we should be together alone again... 2 months later he told me he wants me to do him massage therapy which I can do excellently, when I was massaging him he pushed me on the bed & kissed me wildely then pushed my head to do him a blow job.. since mid 2007 till now we only met 6 times each time when we finish he says this should be the last time because this is wrong if you can don't come to our restaurant where we meet because I become weak when I c u.. but after a while he tells me he misses me & wants me to come to his office but always he refused to make an intercourse because it's prohibited to do it except with yr spouse - according to our religion or he get a punishement from the Lord - so what we are doing is only oral pleasure & foreplay for each other -- but now when I told him I missed him since we didn't meet since 3 months he told me I told you that it was the last time & I don't want to do this again I am afrain of Lord punishment.. don't open this discussion again, I told him OK no problem, I looked cold because I didn't want him 2 c me week but I have burning fire inside.. is there a way that I can get him into me again.. knowing that he still go to our place & wants to be beside me.. I am ignoring him but he is keeping his secret looking at me , he feels jealouswhen I flirt with other friends... I want him to want me again... answer the question from the emotional side & don't interfer in infedility matter I know each of us has his family & children but I love him sooo much I want to know doea he love me? Is there a chance that I can make him want to physically with me? What should I do to seduce him??
Thanks a lot