I have a serious question that I need help with. Me and my husband were married last year and we sent our marriage license off. Well, it turned out that our license was lost and they could do nothing about it. We never got another one. Well, here we are today and still no license. I feel that even though I am not legally married I was and am married in God's eyes... my husband don't feel the same way... he says that in order to be married you need to be legal. But I feel we had a beautiful wedding in front of God, family and friends and I feel that I am married. He really doesn't see himself as married even though we got married in the church and he is too keen on getting another license. My question would be to anyone that could help... Are we married in God's eyes even though we are not legal? Is it so wrong for me to know and feel that I am married even though it isn't legal? In God's eyes... Are we married? PLEASE HELP! Thanks.