My question is simple, can a control freak let go of the control?

I've been married for 5 months to a belitting control freak. I'm seldom allowed time to see my own friends, and when I go out in public she has to come with me. When she does let me go out, I get the following as an example.

Two weeks ago while watching the Giants game on TV, my wife (who was out with her friends) became aggitated that I did not leave immediately after the game was over and come home. Granted it was a Sunday night game and it didn't end till 10:15, but I have a history of canceling on him last minute due to temper tantrums on her part. Being told I didn't love her, we don't spend enough time together, etc. until I cave and cancel.

By the time I got home (around 11) I was told that I was more interested in spending time with my "boyfriend" than her. Shortly after she called me an @$$hole, said I was useless, and locked herself in the bathroom. I explained that my friend's 1 year old son was undergoing surgery the next day and we spent some time after the game talking about it. Even if it's a routine surgery, it's still his kid you know? Her response was, "well that's his problem, not yours."

When these sort of incedents come up, I usually cave to be the peacemaker, but I'm tired of it. I'm not perfect, I know that, but I don't drink, smoke, cheat, do drugs or any of the nasty stuff that I could be doing. I'd like the relationship to work, but I can't live the next 50 years of my life with this. Anyone else in (or was in) the same boat? Thanks! :)