My husband says he loves me and I know he does but how do I make him really truly want me again. I want him not to even look at another women without thinking of me. Yeah-Yeah I know that's not likely----he's a man. When we began our relationship we couldn't get enough of one another-----I want it back. He works construction he is around women and yes some of them are okay----but some are dirt-leg hoes. For instance he is friends with a women and I know this but have never met her and she has just broke up with her husband and needs a friend----he has made it clear to me that she is older them him and she is not his type. But I am a women and I know how women are ----need a shoulder to cry on. I don't like or can I say can't stand this fact. He wants me to meet her so if something was really going on he wouldn't want me to, I think. Help me out here!! We've been together for almost 9 yrs in August---he chased me for about 2 just to get a chance with me. I want him to want me like that again. Men give me a hint---women please give me your opinion. Thanks