My H has a female friend that he knows from previous job for about 15 years. We have been married for 2.5 years now. When he told me that he was having lunch with her about 1.5 years ago I made a big deal of it, I was mad and told him I wasn't happy about it. He got really mad at me and ignored me for about a week until I gave in and said I overreacted and it was OK... but it wasn't I have an issue with it but I knew the only way I could get him "back" was to admit I was wrong. I know I have a problem with jealousy, I am a jealous person. Even when he spends time with his daughter I get mad... I know I am a terrible person, I am trying to change that, but I am obviously not succeeding. Because of my kids and his job we live separately now, I am in California he is in Arizona, we see each other every 2 or 3 weeks for a weekend, it sucks but doable. Last weekend I was visiting him and we had so much fun until Monday we met up for lunch then I would hit the road and go back to Cali. We went to subway and while we were in the line to order he told me that he invited that female friend for dinner and he went to her house to pick her up then he went on about her house till I interrupted him and said I didn't care. I should also say that I met her... nothing to be worry about, I mean I found her pretty annoying and stupid, because she had no idea what she was talking about, loud and childish, she is 44 but acts 15. She said to my H on the lunch we were having so Jo what wanted you to tell me you said on your email you wanted to tell me, and then my H said hummm can't remember then she said oh I am sorry maybe you don't want your wife to know about it. I found it pretty stupid thing to say because seriously she thought my H had something to say to her that he kept it secret from me?? Or she told me I was Just like the other girlfriends of my H... I mean who says that?? That's why I say she is stupid. My H says she is very naÔve but I call it stupid, because itís not naivety its just stupidity. Tell me if I am wrong. Anyway... when we sat down in the subway to eat I totally lost my appetite because I was so mad. I told him how dares she going out with my H and how dares he going on my back and ask another woman to dinner. Anyway few minutes later I was leaving him to go back to Cali. He hugged me and said he loved me and see me soon. While I was driving I was thinking about it and got more and more mad. I felt back stab and betrayed. Since then I just can not get over it. I feel he cheated on me. He knew I had a problem with it but still did it. I mean he told me that it was not a date and just 2 friends having dinner but I just don't buy it. One reason he knew I had a problem he having lunch with her then he goes and invite her to dinner... are you
F... ing kidding me. Now I am very hurt and feel like a looser, I feel she was laughing her butt off on my cost, that my H invites her for dinner etc, I just keep thinking he went and picked her up... probably open the car door for her too and paid for her dinner too, she sat on the front sit of his car... I am F... ing suppose to sit there. Anyway I told him how I felt about it he said way off and left it there. I don't know what to do or thing. Keep in mind I know I have jealousy problem. Any input will be appreciated, be honest