I have been married for close to 3 years now, we really don't have any issues within us at all. We are happy in all possible ways. We are emotionally attached, we are sexually happy. But yes because of my work nature I am unable to spend time with my wife as much as before. Also recently I have come across a women at work who has come really close to me; she knows me very well, knows that I am married and happy with my relation with my wife as well. My wife also knows her as a very good friend of mine. She has been telling that she loves me, and she loves me like crazy. We have even spend very intimate moments and made love couple of times as well. Now she is going to get married. I am getting emotionally involved because I have also started to Love her. I love my wife as well, because she is very good at heart and understands me well. I just want to understand how do i handle this situation, when the other lady in my life is going to get married but still promises to love me in the same way. What kind of a relation will that be? I am doing right but getting involved with her? If i get out of the relationship will it hurt her? It will be difficult for me to just get out if this cos i also love her. Please help me!!