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    Jul 14, 2008, 12:54 AM
    My 18th birthday is coming up and my boyfriend wants to know what I want for my birthday .There is this one thing that I want , but I don't know how to tell him what it is . I want to marry my baby so bad and he wants to marry me too , but he just hasn't given me a ring yet. I just want him to ask me to marry him on my birthday as a present . I love this man to death ,But what should I do . Please Help Me :( :( :( :confused:!! :(
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    Jul 14, 2008, 01:23 AM
    Wow... Advanced wishes... thank Almighty that he has asked you to decide on the gift... u can actually ask him
    "get me something that would remind me of you, that would take care of me, and would keep me smiling for the rest of my life!"
    And if he is a person who could read between the lines... u could say"u could give me somthing that would complete my life"
    I hope this wrks
    All the best... and do update me on what he had gifted.. All the best ;)
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    Jul 14, 2008, 05:33 AM
    Wow, if there were ever a land-mine situation, this is it.

    Your guy is facing your birthday, wants to do something nice for you, and you've already decided/set your heart on an engagement ring. Well, I guarantee ANYTHING he does now other than that will be a disappointment. How sad is that?

    I feel sorry for the guy already.

    You've given us no information on how long you've dated, his age, occupation, financial status, you're compatibility rating (not your feelings, I already pegged your emotional rating), and your individual stated goals for the next 3 years. But you know those things.

    Do all those things (on his end) stack up to a "guy ready to propose/make a life-commitment"? I'd be surprised if you said "yes".

    There are a lot of things that have to work out in a guy's life/mind/heart to be able to decide "OK, let's do this for another 60 years". You should be fair in your mind about that.

    If he doesn't ask you to marry him "for your birthday", I certainly hope you're able to hide your disappointment at whatever he does do. Whatever he DOES do will be special to him, and right now you're all poised to punish him for doing something nice.

    Don't do that to the man you love.

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