Long story short, married for 4.5 years, twin 15 month olds amd a 6 year old son from previous relationship. Husband works outside the home, and plays hockey couple times a week, I do not go out or do anything because of money and I have 3 kids to watch and next to zero outside help. Husband has always been a crab of sorts, never really wanting to take me out places/do things with me and kids, he says its too much work and would rather stay at home on weekends. Im lonely during week, no friends, don't really want any, and would rather hang out with husband and kids, but sick of being I the house ALL the time. Talked many times with husband about being taken out more, walks free things around town, even movies or bowling. He makes an effort for a week or two, then back to same old. Today I lost it, yelled, told hin how isolated I feel, he said yet again he understands amd things will change.. and is taking two hours off work tonight to play hockey. Im annoyed, I'm feeling fed up, I don't think he understands, he gets his fun, I get many hours alone at home. Do I leave him and find someone who will take me out more and the kids? Ive talked to him about this lots.. but he is selfish I feel, as long as he's happy, he has his sports, then all is well with life. Well I'm fed up.