After 25 years of marriage and with 3 kids living with us, my wife asked for a separation and moved out. She said I have not supported her emotionally and she feels obsolete and unloved. I love her dearly and was aware that she felt this way. 3 months later she moved back in but said she will move out again if she feels uncomfortable. She has laid down conditions that there be no physical contact, separate sleeping arrangement and no pressuring from me to resolve or even discuss the estranged situation. She also said she be allowed to do as she please without consideration for my feelings. It's been 1 month now and she would not talk to me and she spent most of her time in the house locked up in the bedroom. She does the house chores which she said she hates. Recently she has said to a mutual friend that she is miserable and scared. I do not want to end the marriage. I just want to help her and know how to improve the situation. She has said no to any counselling.