I'm married. I found an old flame I dated years ago on a website. I thought what the heck, I'll say hi. He responded back and sounded happy to hear from me and asked how I was doing. After a few messages catching up, all my old feelings came back again. So, I told him it would be my last message because I was married and feeling that way. I couldn't stand the thought of no more contact, so a few days later, I ended up sending him a couple more messages telling him I would like to keep in touch after all. I also apologized for possibly making him feel uncomfortable and I assured him that I wasn't looking for anything but friendship. I would never try and pursue something outside my marriage. But, I'm very confused about the way I'm feeling. I still want to keep in touch with him.But being married, I realize there are boundaries. I just want to say hi once in awhile. I figure my feelings will pass. I did notice I was writing more than he was.I talked about the past a little,but he wouldn't at all. He didn't really ask about my husband, details about my life ,etc. I take it he's backing off because I'm married. I wouldn't get to detailed either if I knew he was married and I was the single one. Did I ruin everything by telling him the truth and sending those messages? I thought he would at least send a message back after I apologized. I haven't heard anything back since I told him. Will I ever hear from him again? What could he be thinking? Is there still a possibility of friendship down the road? (For the past few years,I have been trying to focus on my marriage more and I've been taking a good look at myself and my future with my husband.)