We have been married almost two years and together for 3 years. My husband works for his father who by the way is a Toxic parent. I even have toxic in-laws. I also have a career; however at 5:00pm I leave work for the day and go home. I always call my husband on my way home and he tells me he is leaving also. Next thing I know its 6:00pm and he is not home and he doesn't call. We both only work 10 minutes from home. He has no regard for my feelings. I drop everything for him; he has cardiac problems and every time that he has had to go to the emergency room or even have a stay in the hospital; I put my job on hold and stay with him day in and day out. I sit home every night waiting for him. On Saturdays, he tells me he has to work but he is only going in for an hour or two (usually leaves at 8:30am) next thing you know its 1:00pm and he hasn't called or come home. When he does come home he has to take a nap because he is so stressed out from his toxic fathers verbal abuse. Now, we have wasted the whole day and haven't spent any time together They have never made me or my two children feel comfortable in their home. I have invited them to our house for dinner and have invited his daughters and nieces to parties that I have and they never show or call to say they can't make it. We lived in our house two years and his father has never been here and his mother has only been here once and that was to check on my husband because he wasn't feeling good; I was not here when she stopped by.

There have been a few times that I have needed to go to the emergency room myself and he will take me but he lies to his father about where he is so that his dad won't get mad. He won't defend me to his parents. They have never liked me or even tried to get a long with me and my husband tells me that I need to try harder.

My parents don't much like my husband either but I gave up my relationship with them because he is my husband and he is my life. I am not married to my parents.

How do I get my husband to make me a priority in his life and to be proud of me?