A brief history... my husband and I have been married 20 years. Ten years ago we drifted apart. Life got in the way with two small kids, parents passing away, lots of work stress. He strayed and told me he found someone else. He never acted on that relationship, and I believe he didn't. We managed to save the married and worked things out.

In March of this year the same story all over again. When I questioned if he found another, it was no, he just didn't want me or our marriage. We just didn't click anymore. I noticed his cell phone was always with him, he would never leaving it laying around. I found online that he was texting a female friend from work that is 20 years younger than he is. Not just one or two texts, but continually all day long. I confronted him and he said she is a just a friend that he can talk to about life.

Once again we've worked things out but the texting continues. He swears this girl is just a friend, a little sister of sorts. I don't trust her. I have asked and finally told him the texting needed to stop. But it doesn't. It's not several texts anymore but 5-10 every other day or so. Some messages are left on the phone while others are erased. I don't like it. He says it's nothing, just friendship but I wonder.

He acts loving towards me and all the mushy stuff that goes with that, but I can't let this go. I feel she has her hooks out for my husband. He is 42 but does not act or look like a 42 year old. She is 23. Am I overreacting to this 'relationship'? She told him (in a text I read) that I should meet her and that everything is harmless. I also read a text that said she would stop texting him because she knew it would make me mad. But it just doesn't stop. I feel like a fool but still love this guy. Life shouldn't be this hard!! What are your thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!