I have been married for 3 1/2 years. My husband threw me a 40th birthday bash at our acreage. Approximately 50 - 70 people where there. My husband thought I was flirting with 2 male ex-coworkers, both whom I had worked with for 4 years. Both of the men are married and one of their wives were attending the party. I admit I was flirting, but it was in a joking way that all of us have in the past. There were two pictures taken that my husband did not like. One was one friend was in a lawn chair and I sat on his lap and took a picture. The other I was standing next to the other friend and as the picture was taken he picked me up (like a groom carrying his bride over the threshold). Also in that picture the guys wife was in the background watching. Well needless to say he was pissed. I apologized and told him I could understand why he could be mad, but told him nothing was going on. A few days later, he was going through my purse and found some pictures from a couple months earlier of some friends that went out for a going away party, well the guy that I sat on his lap was in one of the pictures and my husband came completely unglued. I cannot go on about how mad he was, he packed a bag, wanted to go over the this guys house and tell his wife that we were messing around. He kept me up all night that night yelling, I called my mom over to help calm him down. He stripped my clothes off me in our kitchen looking for marks from this guy that he would have left while we were messing around. So on and so forth. This happened on July 8 and it is now August 15. He still goes though my purse, goes through my cell phone, he tells me I cannot go out without him, he doesn't want me going out with any of my single friends. I gave him a kiss this morning and he made a comment about getting my lipstick on him and not my boyfriend. He keeps telling me he doesn't want to lose me, but I don't know what more to do. I HAVE NOT had an affair. All I do is work, come home and take care of his 18 year old son, and my 9 year old son in the evenings. He is not home in the evenings because he goes to work at Noon and gets off around 11:00 p.m. I work 8 - 5. He thinks I am messing around in the evening. I don't want our marriage over, but I am SO tired of being accused of something I have not done.