My husband and I have been married for a little over a year. And we have a 6 month old son. His mother and I have never had a great relationship.. ( just tallorable). He moved in with me against his parents and we ended up being pregnant. Time she found out, she started planning our wedding.. even the day and honeymoon! They plan things together with out even telling me till the day of the event. Since we have been dating my MIL always happens to bring up his ex. GF and how in love they were,when it is just us together. I work with her too and she is always telling my boss things that get me called into her office.. for instance my tattoo! Since we have been together I am not allowed to hang out with my friends or FAMILY cause he feels left out, but his friends practically live with us during the week and they go out every weekend. Here recently though he has done nothing but chewed me out and pushed me away. Then my MIL told me that he wasn't comfortable in our house because it isn't as clean as hers!! And as his wife it is my responsibility.. I don't understand how its my job, when we both have full time jobs and I can't get any help with our son or even taking the trash out!! FED-UP