I have been married for 6 years now. My husband and I seemed to have so much in common when we first started seeing each other, however now he seems to be trying to change everything about me. Nothing makes him happy either. He seems to think I am not raising my chidren right and he doesn't even have children of his own and doesn't want any of his own. He doesn't trust me with money either. He can never admit when he is wrong and never apologizes if he is wrong. At first he wanted to do everything for me and now he says I don't do enough. He hates everything about my family. I just don't see how we are going to make it like this. I don't want things to go on like this because the pain will be greater in the long run. My children are not fond of him except for one and he's 10. My oldest boy was put in DJJ when he was only 14 and when he got out at 17 (after being in DJJ and the mental hospital) and was diagnosed with bipolar. Well, just let me put it this way, we had to kick him out because he stole from us again. My Mom felt that I should have stood by my son and kicked out the husband. I am just one confused cookie. Any advise would be great. Thanks.