I feel my husband is not attracted to me we go out and there is no affection no holding hands no kissing like nothing!! It hurts me because we go out and I see couples holding hand just like they are very attracted to each other and then there's me and my husband walking like we don't know each other. It's the same thing at home no affection because the kids are around we don't kiss hardly touch have sex maybe 1 or to a week if that. I just feel like I'm not pretty enough or sexy enough, we have only been married 2 years and it hurts so bad because he says he loves me but does he only love me when he want sex? I have tried holding hands in the past but apparently that was an issue so I don't even try anymore and since he saeems distant I stay distant because I feel like I'm a bother to him or something. What do I do?? or what can I do??