My husband left me for another woman couple months ago. We were separated for 3 years however were getting back together - or so I thought. I read lots of advices as to what to do first and have maintained the no-contact rule. It was effective in a way: to his family he describes the situation as 'open' still

However I do not know how to act now. He does spend all weekends with another woman (again I know this from other sources... ). Concerning me, he tries to keep me emotionally envolved with him, mentioning things about 'us' in emails, and how much he misses me etc. It's two months since the break up and we saw each other once. He tells he would like to see me more, however I do not know what is the best action - given the other woman is involved. I am afraid that by starting to see him more while his priority is another woman I will just help to heal his pain at the cost of mine. On the other hand I would like to see if anything can be done to save our relationship and marriage.