Here is a quick summary:

My husband has been previously married. Bad relationship, hated his wife and cheated on her constantly, but only stayed in relationship because of children. Thought he was doing the right thing. When he left her he ended up in a relationship with a woman that he was going to marry but caught her cheating on him... first with the man then on websites.

We have been together for almost 6 yrs. And in that time every fight that we've had, always ended up with him comparing what his past "bad expierences" to me. I am not like those kinds of women, but yet he has an issue he plays a judge, jury and convictioner with me telling me that our relationship is over because I was doing something I wasn't supposed to. I'm an avid web'surfer,and I enjoy digging to see what I can find to read. Our first issue was because I would talk with friends in the internet because it was cheaper than the phone. My friends were women. He blew a gasket and we had a big fight. So, I ceased talking to them via internet to avoid this conflict. His main issue is if I am up or get up at a late hour and I am on the net, he will come in and swear up and down that I am doing something that I'm not supposed to do. During a big fight yet again, I flat out asked him if he thought I was doing something wrong and he told me yes. And because of that he wants to end our marriage.

He won't change, I have tried to talk to him about getting help, but his pride gets in his way. I'm totally at a loss as what to do anymore. I have been a housewife all my life, and I have been in a previous failed marriage as well. But his insecurities hurt. Why can't he give up the past?