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    Jun 6, 2016, 03:55 PM
    Husband has a female friend, hangs out in bars? Says nothing is going on?
    My husband and his guys friends meet twice a week for sports and drinks. In the past year a previous co-worker (woman) has started joining them. No other ladies, just her and not her husband. I can tell my husband is sharing way too much of our lives together with this woman. How? It's the things he says. On our recent vacation, he decides he should call her to tell her of something he saw that she might want him to pick up. I told him how I wasn't happy with this situation and we were not hauling a thing back for her.

    Last week, I mentioned a car we saw and he told me all about it, because this woman had just purchased one. At my husband's retirement party last week, I went and she didn't even look or say anything to me (when I spoke to her). She pulled my husband aside and chatted before letting him join the party. I know my husband, he likes to be friends with the "Momma Bear" ladies and tell them anything to get their attention about our lives together, been there, done that. He denies anything and says he is hurt by me even thinking there is something happening. I think he is being emotionally unfaithful. Any suggestion would be great!
    We have been together 26 years. Thank you, Debby
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    Jun 6, 2016, 07:48 PM
    Emotional cheating may be a stretch, but you have a right to live your life without the mention of a person you obviously don't care for at all. Obviously she doesn't care for you either. Your husband should respect that, and never mention his female buddy around you... EVER... in any shape or form!

    Do you have any guy friends? Or friends he openly cannot stand? I don't think you have made the case for having her in your business though, but have for him annoying you with mention or references about her.

    Would it help if he learned when to shut up? Tell him!

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