My husband and I have been married about a year now and have a daughter together. He is a very spiritual person and is very into loving thy neighbor and being friends with everyone. All of his male friends live over two hours away and they never really see each other. I am kind of a jealous person. He has been friends with this girl for about three years before we met and when they met she was obsessed with him and really wanted to date him. She really is not his type at all and I know he would never do anything with her but it still bothers me that he is friends with this girl. Well he turned her down when he had the chance to be with her when he was single so I don't know if that should make me feel better or not. She is very nice to me and doesn't seem like a threat at all it just bothers me, him spending time with another girl, but when I bring it up to him he gets mad and says I'm making him lose all his friend. He had another friend butshe lives pretty far away and they would talk over the internet, just about their live and stuff like that, but they would say they love each other. When I brought that up to him he said he loves her as a friend and he didn't see the problem with it. He actually did stuff with this girl though before he met me, that made me very upset he was still talking to her. They didn't have sex but they've seen all of each other. They just seemed like they connected on a whole other level, it made me very uncomfortable and when I talk to him he just doesn't understand, I don't know what to do!:confused: