I re-married three yrs ago. My husband does not respect me, he is always arguing. He curses at me and insults me all the time, sometimes in front of my 12 yrs old. I feel like I am walking on egg shells. He does not treat my son with respect or love. And my son told me that if he hits him he is going to hit him back like his 18 yrs brother did not long ago. My oldest son had a fit fight with him on Dec. 07, he moved out, I help him to moved out and he is doing great now. When he was living in the house with us he did not want to follow rules, or did not help in the house. It seems like my husband is never happy, he used to drink a lot, he is an alcoholic. He has changed a lot, he is not drinking anymore, but he is always miserable. What should I do?