Ok, so I've recently found out that my husband of 2 years has been going to these sex dating sites. They're not just porn sites. They are the sites that you make an account so that you can find someone to meet up with and have sex with. It's not like he had created the account years ago and just never deleted it when we got together. We've been together only 3 months longer than we've been married. Known each other 4 years before marriage. I found out that he was on the site by checking his email. He asked to check his email for him since I was already on the computer. Which he usually will ask me to check it every now and then. So, checking his email, he had this "Welcome" email from the dating site. With his login information included. So, yes, of course I went to the site and logged into his account. Who wouldn't? He lists on the site that his marital status is "Involved". Not married. He does say that he has a child though. Just doesn't claim to have a wife. On the site he said he is looking for a "1-on-1 Relationship" and the wants a casual f--- buddy. Our sex life is fine. It's great as far as I knew. But man I must be wrong. Something sure isn't right. I just don't know how to confront him about this. I have always had such a hard time confronting people about things. This is my first serious relationship I've ever been in. I'm only 21, he's 24. We just recently went through our first deployment over the past year. During that year I raised our son on my own and stood by his side. I was there whenever he needed anything. We talked basically every day while he was gone. We remained close through it all. We've never really talked about things together. We've never really even had the chance to have time together. And I guess that might be the reason why it's all falling apart now. There's more and I'll add more tomorrow. For now I am going to go to bed, for I need my rest. I just want to see if anyone has any suggestions. I will add more tomorrow. Until then... Goodnight everyone =]