My husband is constantly accusing me of cheating on him. I have never cheated on him once. One of us (not sure which) entered into our relationship with the std chlamydia and now every time he accuses me he says I gave him chlamydia. I have no friends nor do I go out. He says I am cheating when I go to the store. He thinks I am cheating over the internet anytime I use the computer. I've really had it. We fight all the time because of his weird behavior and he always turns it around and says it's my fault. As a matter of fact, he just started a fight as I was typing this and came over to "inspect". I really love him, but he has turned into a complete psycho. His ex-wife cheated on him, but I really don't feel I should have to pay the price. This is getting to be way too much. Is there anything I can do about this?