I got married 10yrs back had son after 3yrs of marriage my husband really use to love me but with our first child my husband and me were hardly physical with each other I always trusted him more than myself one day when my son was 3yrs old I got a call from someone saying that my husband has another wife and a daughter I was badly taken a back my husband convinced me that was untrue he use to operate an account which was not known to me I asked him number of times about it he said that is official but one day I tried to trace the password and I cracked it then I came to know the truth that my husband lied to me when I spoke to him he cried apologized and said it was a mistake he asked that girl not to carry the child but she said she would not be marrying at now so she needs that child and now she blackmails him as well that she would take help from lawyer I have seen those mail but frankly speaking I don't trust my husband I am depressed all the time that how could he do that. Please help me in finding a solution.