This is a bit odd, but one day when my husband and I were talking he told me that he enjoys the thrill of the chase. And that he doesn't want to be chasing other women because he loves ME and only wants to be with me. But that he wants me to give him a chase and not put out so easily (which is hard for me because I have a very high sex drive! ) and to make him "work for it". He says that he loves sex but that he loves the wanting of sex even more. Hence the thrill of the chase. He wants me to tease him and walk away leaving him wanting more. Okay. The teasing part I can do. But when it comes to playing hard to get and the thrill of the chase bit - I'm a bit lost on it.

I have asked my real life friends about this and none of them knew anything to tell me. Most of them aren't married either. I asked my mother for her advice and what she would do and her advice was "When he walks in the door from a hard days work, push him up against the wall and give him a blow job." Gee, thanks mom, but he's not telling me to 'spice it up'. LOL. So... I thought maybe someone here would be able to give some advice. How do you play hard to get while married? I don't need any advice on how to spice it up in the bedroom since I am a Passion Party Consultant, and we have amazing sex that he brags to his friends about. It's the thrill of the chase thing that eludes me. I don't want my husband to lose interest in me because I make it too easy for him. We've been married for 3 years this August and we're a young couple (I'm 25, he's 24).

So... Any input would be helpful, particularly from males would be great, but hey, I'll take what I can get. Thanks.:p