OK so me and my husband have been married for a few months.. we were together since 2005 and in 2007 we broke up. In 2009 we talked for the first time in more than a year and he said he regrets leaving me and so on.. he was my first love and I forgave him. One day a girl calls me private saying he has a daughter and to go online and find out so I asked him and he didn't admit it. I went online and I saw the child and she looks just like him.I was so so angry especially because we were together when he had got her pregnant in 2007. Now that we are married she is calling that the baby wants to see him and that they need him.I know this is wrong but that baby just brings so many bad memories of the past. Now I'm pregnant and we are expecting in October and it just doesn't feel right. Me and him were suppose to have a kid first not them. How should I feel? What should I do? I don't trust her with him if he has to go visit her because I know the babymother still feels something for him. I love kids and I'm sweet but I just can't take this pain. Idk what to do.. Help!