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    May 11, 2012, 09:07 AM
    How to deal with the husbands family?
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    I can't stand my husband's family. I thought the being left out in wedding pictures was just in my experience. I didn't care my mother in law yelled "just us" "just us". My husband kept calling for me to come anyway. I was thinking inside"f it." My sister in law hates me too. And she borrows insane amounts of money in the tens of thousands from my husband. We get in arguments over that too. That b needs to pay for her own self.

    What I was pissed about was the time and money wasted going there. And I flew to a different country to get treated like sh*t and also to help these people to prepare for the wedding? Complete waste of my time.

    Also every darn holiday he had or time off from work they came to see us or we went to see them. I was so darn sick of it. I hate the holidays now. I am going to have to come up with preplanned vacations to my family or somewhere so I don't have to see them . Just the thought of those people makes me furious and angry. I never ever ever want to be in their homes again. I honestly wish I never have to see them again. I guess maybe just deal with them if they come our way, but never want to waste time, money and energy to see them. Total bullsh8t

    Spent last Christmas with those people. I actually cried at night I'm not supposed to be miserable and spending it with people who don't give a damn about me and treat my like sh&t. It was the worst day of the year for me thanks to those people. I don't even want to take pictures around or even with those people. And I just can't be my happy normal selves. I wish I can separate the hubby from his horrible money leech family. We would be financially better off and stress free too.

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