I love my wife very much and I want us to work. I've known her for 8years before we got together. We've been married for 2 years and have a baby on the way. I had a problem with loving other woman's bodies. And came clean and told her that when ever I look at Hot women I think about what it would be like to sleep with them. I had a problem with porn and did'nt stop going to porn sites till 1 month before our 1 year wedding anniversary. Since then I have'nt went to any porn sites. She is always thinking I'm going to them she is always thinking I want to sleep with other women. She is always checking my history on the computer to see where I've been and if she finds some where my son went she gets mad at me and we fight about it. She even went as far as setting me up on freindsfinder that makes me feel like she wants me to find someone else. She is always mad at me because I avoid her because I want to defuse a fight. She is always nagging me to help her and is always mad at me for not spending time with her. I don't want to spend time with her because we always end up fighting. I can't talk to other women without her thinking I want them she is way to jealous. And I wish she would stop acusing me of wanting to cheat on her. What can I do?