Soon after nuptial, the very day my husband left for states leaving me hind.. we have a healthy relationship since then.we talk over phones and occasionally web cam.. he is coming back after a month for a proper wedding and I shall live with him after that.. as the days are coming closer , he's is reating bit over possesive about me, he keep on saying that I am his wife and I shall do and perform according to him.. he doesn't let me go out alone and gets offended if I go for shopping or coffee somewhere.he insists I should always take friends or family.. I find this absurd.. n the reason he gives me that he loves me and he can't trust people .I am litrally hating it.I just fought with him and told him I don't care.. its my life and I am like this.. since then he's not talking to me.. I miss him... what should I do and how can I make up with him:(