I am so confused & upset lately! I have a crush on my husband's best friend & his friend told me he liked me too because somehow we talked about it. My husband has no clue about any of this. His friend and I have been text messaging each other for the past week & discussing it. We both know that it is wrong & feel horrible but it is hard to control your feelings for someone. My husband is not a bad guy to me or anything but we have our problems. Actually our biggest argument is how his friends come over our house way too much. The friend I am crushing on comes over the most because he is single & I know he is lonely. All I can think about is him... we aren't texting anymore because he just stopped. I think he knew it was getting too far. I thought it was too but really enjoyed talking with him. Now he is being really weird about it & I have no one to talk to at all about this situation. I can't tell my husband because that would destroy him. They are real close & I just couldn't say anything. I feel like a horrible person to have these kind of thoughts about him but can't help it. I feel so upset that he is ignoring me pretty much now until he comes over this weekend probably. I know we can't be together & I love my husband I am just so confused why I am feeling this way & don't want to feel like it anymore. It feels like my heart is broken!!