My daughter is getting married this year. The invitation process was very grueling. We have a limit of 150 people. My daughter and her fiancé got to invite 50, we invited 50 and we gave the grooms parents 50. After all invitations were sealed and stamped but not yet mailed, I got a call from my mother in law, my daughters grandmother. She wanted to know if I needed her list for the wedding. I explained to her about our limit and that I was very sorry that she would not be able to invite her friends. She became an absolute witch to me. After she became angry, I told her that since we were paying for the wedding that we made the final decisions. She kept calling and insisting that wedding etiquette states that she has a right to have a list to invite to the wedding. She said that she and my father in law would not have anyone to talk to, and I told her that her family would be there to talk to. I really did not need the stress of her when the invitation process was very stressful already. Was I right in standing my ground with her?