I went to the Philippines in April of 2008. I went there because I wanted to someday retire there. Instead I met a woman. When I returned back to the US, I continued to communicate with her, and went back again to be with her in her province, and meet her family. It all went OK, but I spent a bunch of money, because I was there for 50 days.

Anyway to make a long story short, I'm now married to her for 6 months now, after again going there for another 50 days for a wedding. I opted for a cheap wedding paying just $400 USD. However on that last visit, I purchased a lot, and built a small house on it. Now I'm back in the U.S and unemployed.My financial situation here is bad thanks to this lousy California economy. I'm 55 years old.

Now my Filipina wife is always asking me for money to do things for the house. I wasn't able to complete the house while I was there, and so when I returned here, I had to continue sending more money, so that the house was livable for her, and her daughter. I keep pleading with her about my current financial situation but she is relentless in asking for what she wants.

I'm sick of this arrangement. It stinks. Building that house was a big mistake, but when I say that, she thinks I'm just treating her like she is cheap. She says "did your first wife have to live like this?". Its true that in the beginning the house wasn't fit to live in, but now its OK, but she is still being very picky. When I met her she was living in a tiny barn with all of her family. Now she wants me to send her more money for interior doors inside the house. Why is that important? If I continue to send her money I will soon find myself homeless in America.

Will I be able to come live in my home in the Philippines, when I'm broke. I think not. I do love my wife, but is this really all worth it? How much the price of love?? The house so far including the lot is just $3,000.00. We got a great deal on a lot. Still though, that's a lot of money when you don't have much money, and that's not including the thousands of dollars I sent her before we were even married, and all money sent since then. The sad thing is that when I tell her I have little money, she doesn't really believe me I think.

The only problem really is my crummy situation here in America. My money is going down very quickly, and I have no guarantee that I can even return to the Philippines again anytime soon. The other thing that I'm really fed up with is talking to her in the Internet café. They are a big joke. The mics don't work, the cams don't work, they have worn out computers with letters faded off the keyboards, and they have the nerve to charge people to use their shoddy equipment. Its absurd! I spend all this money helping her, and when I was there the last time, they had brown outs everyday for hours on end.

After all I do, I can't even live like a human being, while I'm there. The DVD player doesn't work because it's a piece of Chinese dog dung. Can't sleep at night, because its very hot with no fan, thanks to the electric being turned off all night by some sneaky little Filipino down at city hall that wants to act like god. The food is great though. I love the local Filipino foods, and I drink a grand bottle of red horse everyday. I will tell her that she cannot have the doors inside, and I will cut her allowance down to 5,000 pesos per month (approx $110 USD), or else get a divorce.

I'm in the USA, 10 months, out of 12, without even being able to have sex with her. Hahahhahaha am I a schmuck or what?