So I have been with my husband for almost two years now, I know he loves me so much and he's been so patient with me and he always wants to hug me and cuddle and I believe not a lot of men are like that

BUT his gorgeous ex broke up with him two weeks prior to their wedding. They were together for a year and a half, long distance relationship. After breakup he felt humiliated and financially used... so now whenever the ex subjects comes up his voice shivers and there was this one time where he got upset and swore at her and how much she used him and no matter what he did for her it was never enough :s It's been already 4 years since they broke up, but he is still so hurt and when I ask him why, he tells me he was badly disrespected by her and her family.

I have a gut feeling that he still has feelings for her. I feel like he unconsciously compares me to her and one time he complimented me on the things I have but she didn't have like a generosity, soft heart, giving, etc.

Although he he swore on his parents life that I am the only true love he's ever had but how could that be when he was going to marry his ex...

Do you think he still has feelings for her? He said that when it all ended he was still in love with her...

How could he be this in love with me if he still hurting by his ex?

Please tell me the truth even if it's hard.

One trivial point: My husband is a Leo if it would make a difference, and I know Leo are so proud and get hurt easily if disrespected.