Hello everyone,

I'm a 27 year old women who has been in a relationship for 9 years and we have been living together for 6. A couple of months ago we went through a hard patch and I decided to leave the house. We got back together 2 months after and have been together ever since, but this time I did not move back in. One of the problems that made me leave in the first place is his fear of commitment. When we first starting living together he proposed to me that was exsactly 6 years ago, since then he has been telling me every time I ask him when is the date he will tell me next year. So I'm extreamly confused why would he propose to me if he doesn't want to get married?
I think that one of the problems won't allow him to take the extra step is the fact that he got married at a young age he had just turned 18 and his marriage lasted 3 months because she was unfaithful, and so I ask myself what does that has to do with me? He tells me everyday is want to spend the rest of his life with me, but just won't take that extra step. This whole marriage this really means a lot to me, so much that I told him that I wouldn't go back to the house until he marrys me. Now I have to move because I was staying with my because and the lease exp and she is not going to renew it. So I'm left with the choice to move on and leave him behind? Or to go back to the house and just leave the marriage aside?
I need help because although it may be as simple as a "paper" to me it means that he loves me enough to take that extra step. Can someone please tell me what would you do if this was you??