My husband and I have been married 16 years and have 3 daughters, ranging from 5-16.

We have been having marital issues for the last six months but have been trying to make things work out through the help of our pastor. Most things are MUCH better, but it seems that he has begun to go out about once a month and choose to not call me to let me know where he is or what time he will be home. He tells me he is at a club shooting pool or at the country club. I have no proof where he is one way or the other. He won't answer his cell phone and won't call me to let me know he is okay. I feel completely disrespected by him. I only ask for a common courtesy call so I will know he is okay. I cannot sleep until he gets home and he knows this. This morning, after such a night, (he finally answered the phone at midnight and got home about 12:30), I told him simply "no fighting, no arguing.....this is the LAST time you will ever disrespect me EVER again."

Am I over reacting? I don't think I am but he just doesn't seem to get it! Can I be that wrong? How can I handle this better?