Hi Friends, Hope you would be able to help me with this... I am a Hindu Brahman guy in love with a girl and I have 2 problems... 1) she is a couple of months elder to me 2) she is non-brahmin... my brother loved and married a gal within the same caste (couple of months elder to him).. my parents had a tough time in doing his marriage (as they had to do it it without revealing the age and make it look like an arranged marriage)... my parents had so much faith on me and wanted to have my marriage done in a grand way without any problems... they were also in lookout for girls..
Initially my brother was okay with my love but later told that I should not do anything against my parents.. I broke this to my dad, but he reacted very emotionally giving the following reasons...
1) per my josiyam, if I marry a nb girl, I will suffer in life
2) age difference
3) thy wanted to do my marriage in a big way, but cannot in this case
4) thy did not expect this from me as they had so much faith

One another reason could be that my cousin married a nb guy and my uncle is still upset about it and does not attend many family functions... my mom still does not know about it and not sure how she will react too.
It has been 2 months since I broke this to my dad... I have tried a lot since to forget her since my dad was so upset.. but I have been missing her a lot.. I want to try and convince my parents again.. let me know how I can do it... thanks for your advice..