Hi Friends,

Need one clarification.

Can a AryaVysya boy marry a Brahmin girl? Some argue that if a vysya boy(or any caste) marries a brahmin girl, he will be struck with bad luck. No growth will be there either financially or socially or professionally and will be screwed down to hell. Some say, there will be no kids and no Vamsabhivruddhi (no growth to family). As per the dharma is there any thing written that a lower caste boy cannot marry a brahmin caste girl? Need some information on this.

I googled to see whether any caste conversion is possible? That is, can a girl born in Brahmin family take conversion to Aryavysya caste? Any such valid conversion is available in sasthras? I found like vratyastoma is applicable for bring some outcaste into Hinduism. Is this applicable for caste conversion either?

Please please provide some information & suggestions. I'm in a deadly situation.