My husband had an affair with a co-worker - and they ended it. However the woman insists on still being his friend - texting him, calling him up etc.
I have confronted her and said it is inappropriate for her to be in contact with him - but she has said that she wants to be his friend and will continue to do so.

When I initially found out about the affair - the woman told me that as far as she was concerned the marriage was over and that my husband was hers. I had no idea at this stage that there was a problem with my marriage.

My husband communicates with her too - even though I have asked him to stop. I said that there will always be an underlying sexual tension between them and that there is no need for him to have such a 'friend'. He says that he has hardly any friends and likes being able to chat with her about innocuous subjects and that I should trust him that nothing is going on.