I am currently separated from my spouse of three years. We had several fights last year which escalated into physical fights. I called the police after the last incident. He was arrested and I moved out. He has been going to counseling, and we still speak frequently. He has been working on his anger problem, and I am wondering if there is any hope for us. He has sent me letters, cards, flowers and apologies. I know in domestic abuse cases that the man always apologizes. I believe him though, I believe he has actually been working to change his behavior.
On the thought of moving on to a new relationship, I almost feel like it is riskier to try to date someone else (the unknown), when the same thing could happen again. I am wondering if, since all of our friends and family know what has happened, and are willing to help us out... if there is a chance we could work things out. I am not excusing his anger/ violence issues, but we did have other problems with communication that were just as much my fault as his. I know that people can cease being violent, but even if that is so... can the injured spouse forgive? Our divorce is almost finalized, and I am just worried that I am losing something that could have been truly wonderful. If we are both at a stage in our lives (mid-30's) and we are truly working on a relationship, can it be salvaged? If we have always both been successful in life at whatever we set our minds to do, can we patch a broken relationship?