HI, I just really need to know if I am way off base here.
Last night my husband told me that"you need to understand how it is going to be between my daughter and myself." " when it comes to special events, even if they conflict with your boys(his stepsons) and in the future if we have children of our own, I will always go to my daughters events over theirs.
It is only fair. I live with you and the boys, and eventually our future children, I don't live with her.. Our children will just have to understand. "

I think he is way off base, and I got very upset. Children don't understand precedence. When I married him, the circle closed, and I took him into my lfe as well as his daughter as part of my family. I don't say STEP, I say family, daughter! Maybe that is just the way Iwas raised. I never differentiate between his daughter, my sons, and as he says "our future children"
MY sons are 10 and 7, his daughter is 2..
I just feel he is wrong. We are all family, there should not be any of this child over that one.
Am I way off base here?