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    Nov 19, 2012, 01:37 PM
    Letter of introduction business to business
    I need to write aletter to attach to a folder introducing our business, offering truck Insurance to Trucking companies.
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    Nov 19, 2012, 03:01 PM
    OK, do you remember back in school when the English teacher put you through the tedious process of making outlines and all that stuff? Well, you don't need to do all of that but there's value in an abbreviated version of that process.

    Start by making some notes. First, make a list of what you are offering. For example (I'm just making this up - I have no idea what you insure):

    Insurance for:
    - Construction equipment: Graders, dump and cement trucks, cherry pickers and lifts, backhoes, cranes.
    - Transportation equipment: Tractors, trailers, shipping containers, box trucks.
    - Fleet vehicles: Delivery trucks, sales-force vehicles, executive cars and limousines, service vehicles.

    Second, make a list of the benefits of doing business with you:
    - Personal, local service
    - As a "free agent", we are able to shop for the most competitive rates
    - Experience insuring your insurance is adequate yet not excessive
    - 40 years combined experience in the business
    - Hassle-free, no-obligation quotes.

    Third, list who your potential clients are - these are the people you want to have in mind when you draft your letter, and also who should comprise your mailing list.

    - contractors, subcontractors
    - businesses that delivery goods - wholesalers, retailers who do their own deliveries
    - Cab companies, limo services
    - businesses that have an outside sales force (sales vehicles)
    - Utilities

    Then follow a few rules.

    Make your introduction short and - like one brief sentence:

    "Dear Neighboring business (better if yousweet have their name and personally address each letter):

    We would like the opportunity to save you money, while improving your current commercial vehicle coverage. Perhaps you already have the best coverage available, but we often find we are able to save clients money, or identify potential liability concerns worth consideration. May we offer a free evaluation and quote?

    We offer policies for:

    (list what you insure)

    ABC Insurance provides a unique blend of (the benefits of your firm - if it's more htan two or brief things, make a short bullet-point list.)

    One of our representatives will follow up within a week or two. We are eager to meet our business neighbors here in (your town) and the surrounding area, and hope to be of service to you.

    Warmest regards,
    Owner or President signs with title
    (sign just your first name to appear more friendly, then put your full name beneath it, typed).

    I would recommend if you have specific target areas it might be worth targeting your letter to that industry, such as cab or limo companies. Also consider who else might be a good resource for you - who sells the vehicles? Perhaps plan a lunch with your local car dealer to talk about mutual referals regarding fleet vehicle service.

    Keep your letter to one page, leave a lot of white pages all around - people aren't likely to read the whole thing, so limiting what you write to the nuts and bolts and making them prominent will give you the best chance of capturing enough of their attention that they will take your call.

    A follow-up phone call is essential. Most sales letters go straight to the trash. If you have a success rate of 1 to 3% of recipients following through and purchasing policies, your campaign has been a success. Far better is personal contact and networking, but the letters are still useful for getting your name in front of them and making that ask for a meeting. Enclose your card- they might pass it along to someone in their company even if they ditch the letter.

    Good luck with your business.

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